In 2005 work started on a movie trilogy about the ancient Anunnaki… but after a few months something happened, and the project was shut down. The movie was never released. All pictures, videos and information were banned from internet. The email account of Jon Gress, the director, was also shut down. Almost every trace of the movie’s production has since been removed from the Internet, including the interview with the movie’s director, Jon Gress (below)—which was recently taken down by Google. The film’s official site has also disappeared. Why?

Back in July 5, 2006, X-Squared Radio were promoting their ‘exclusive’ interview with Jon Gress, Creator and Director of “1Anunnaki”:

The first digital movie in the Anunnaki Trilogy by Jaguar Films will set the time and place mankind made its greatest anthropological leap forward.

“This is the first full-length motion picture to factually show how the Sumerians were influenced to suddenly become the most advanced civilization in the world. Many people still do not know that there were flying machines on the Earth well before the Egyptians reached their zenith.”

“Cuneiform writing suddenly appears in many places throughout the world. Advanced knowledge about the stars, agriculture, animal husbandry, and even social structures is introduced to mankind by advanced civilizations. This film shows how that was done in a way that will write history the way it should have been written in the first place.

“Don’t miss this world exclusive interview. Find out how the Anunnaki worked with early mankind. The story behind the trilogy is true. The evidence is stunning. This independent film is about to change the course of movie history…”

But, sadly, it didn’t. If the story of the Anunnaki had made it to the cinema screen it would have overturned Western Monotheism, undermined State control, trashed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and completely transformed our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Small wonder, then, that the project was shut down.

And the reason why ‘they’ have put so much effort into burying the Anunnaki Story..?

Because IT’S TRUE?

The ANUNNAKI created (at least) two distinct hybrid humans: one, the fully-functioning demi-god (as described in the Old Testament): the other, a ‘dumbed-down’, more manageable ‘drone’ version (but still, crucially, with godlike abilities latent within it’s DNA). The story goes that the descendants of both versions populate the Earth today with, inevitably, one version ruling the other…