So, we are saying: observe violence, which is to be angry, to hate, to be jealous – various forms of violence, and don’t escape into a non-violent movement, which is the opposite. So, when you observe the fact, there is no opposite. Are you following all this? I observe violence in me. I am violent. Why should there be non-violence? That’s my conditioning. Right? That’s my hope. That’s my intellectual concept – one day I will be non-violent – to be… what is it, what I was talking about? – violence. So the fact of violence, the fact has no opposite. Right? Do you see that? If you see that, you are finished. You understand? Because all our education, all our religion, everything traditional has said: work at it, gradually get rid of it – you follow?. Which is movement in time, which is division. Time is division. So when there is observation of violence, only violence, the observer who is watching the violence – you follow? – that very observer is violence. Right? Right? So the observer is the observed. Are you getting tired? You understand sir? The moment you have a division it’s the movement in time, and therefore there must be effort which is, the observer is thinking, the observer thinks he is different from the thing he observes, and so the very division brings conflict, conflict, suppression and all the rest of it. But when the observer realises, that which he is observing is part of himself, so there is no division, there is no duality at all. Right? So, can you see this fact that you are violent, and the fact has no division.

Is Freedom a Matter of Time?

J. Krishnamurti

Third Public Talk in Madras

January 1979